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# Note: Our intention is not to judge any particular product, just to inform you about that item.

Internet Security Suites:-

  • Norton Internet Security 2005          
  • ZoneAlarm Security Suite              
  • McAfee Internet Security Suite 6.0 
  • PCcillin                                       
  • VET                                             

Firewalls:-A firewall is designed to stop  hackers or intrusive sites from accessing your PC.  Here is an example of some of the latest firewalls to hit the shops.

  • Outpost Firewall Pro 2.1                          
  • BlackIcePCProtection                            
  • Goldtach1.6                                            
  • Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.5               
  • kerio Personal Firewall4.0                       

Spam Filters:- Once your email address is on the spam list, it's almost impossible to keep it off.  Here is an example of some of the latest spam filters to hit the shops.

  • SpamEaterPro4.0                                   
  • ChoicemailFree2.52                                
  • EmailProtect1.8                                     
  • MailWasherPro4.1                                 
  • SpamBuster                                             

Spyware removers:-  Some spyware and adware just changes your internet Explorer homepage and perhaps forces pop ups on you while you surf. They are usually installed along with free programs as a way to fund the development of those applications. Here is an example of some of the latest spyware removers to hit the shops.

  • Pestpatrol Home Edition 4.0                    
  • Spysweeper3                                        
  • LavasoftAdware6                                 
  • SpySubtract PRO 2.03                            
  • SpywareDoctor2                                   

  1. Adware SE personal edition
  2. Spybot Search and Destroy
  3. Limewire
  4. ICQ4
  5. Winzip
  6. Bit Torrent
  7. Spyware doctor
  8. Registry Mechanic
  9. Morpheus
  10. Real Player
  11. Adobe Acrobat
  12. QuickTime
  13. Bit comet
  14. Download accelerator Plus
  15. SpyWare Blaste
  16. Trillian
  17. Mozilla Firefox
  18. Nero 6 Ultra Edition
  19. Ares Galaxy
  20. Warez p2p

All of these acn be downloaded from



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