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Jason is a Gothic Shepheard who loves playing Role Playing Games, especially the Final Fantasy series,  listening to Love Metal Bands like H.I.M and helping people out with their computer queries. He finds it most rewarding to answer any queries sent into him.

RazorBlade Romance
H.I.M's best Album yet

Something about the band HIM

Formed in 1995, the multi-platinum selling Finnish band HIM forges the path on a true quest for the reinvention of goth rock. In their creation of songs in the vein of bands such as Sisters of Mercy and Black Sabbath, HIM uses a distinctive combination of alternately haunting and jarring melodies as well as inspired, poetic lyrics to mark their musical ground.

Vocalist and songwriter Ville Valo was the band's founding member, alongside Mige (bass), Linde (guitar), Gas Lipstick (drums), and Zoltan Pluto (keyboards) - who was later replaced by Burton.

HIM bring this unique brand of music to the U.S., for their first wide release of Razorblade Romance, through Universal Records on 10/28/03. The band found their way to Universal through Jimmy Franks Recording Company, a label run by HIM fan - Jimmy Pop of The Bloodhound Gang, for more comprehensive exposure to the American market.

The EP 666 Ways to Love was the group's first recording and helped them attain considerable praise within their native Scandinavian market. One year later, Greatest Love Songs, Vol. 666 solidified their cult status throughout the region and was the debut of the band's critically acclaimed ‘rocked-up’ cover of "Wicked Game," a Chris Isaak original, which became their first hit.

At the turn of the millennium, the European version of Razorblade Romance, produced by John Fryer (White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails), hit record stores. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights, the band's third full-length disc, arrived in late 2001, followed by the band’s current European album, Love Metal.

HIM came to the U.S. with considerable European success under their belts. With fans in the international press like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer as well as celebrity admirers like actress Juliette Lewis (who appears in their European released "Buried Alive By Love" video), Ozzy Osbourne (who has invited the band to tour with him), and most notably Bam Margera (cKy, Jackass, Viva La Bam), who features HIM’s music in his cKy videos and has directed two of their videos. The band are poised to conquer the U.S. rock scene.

The Heartagram, the band’s signature visual - a combination of pentagram and heart - is the symbol that represents the band’s name for their sound - LOVE METAL. Love Metal is Depeche Mode meets Dimmu Borgir in a David Lynch movie… According to Ville “Love Metal is music that includes elements of pop, metal, goth, glam… it’s music inspired by the feelings you have before the first touch, before the first kiss. Love Metal is like the movie poster for Gone With The Wind, you know, except having Lemmy Kilminster (Motorhead) embracing Madonna in the sunset.”

The band’s name, or their use of 666 however demonic looking, has nothing to do with any religious beliefs or ideologies. For Ville and HIM 666 is all about contradictions, the Good and the Evil in love.

They speak of love that is larger than life and yet very close to death, the never-ending duel between the carnal and the pure spiritual sides.

“That is why Romeo and Juliet are the hero and heroine in our
music,” says Ville. That becomes very clear when listening to “Join Me In Death,” the epic gothic romance track on the album.

Though ample homage is paid to goth and romance, there is certainly no lack of rock swagger on the album. “Your Sweet Six Six” conjures a ‘dirty’ ‘LA rock’ feel. “Right Here In My Arms,” a European hit, is a hard-charging rocker as well. “We are from the middle of nowhere, our traditional music has always been melancholic,” says Ville “But we were inspired by Black Sabbath and Type O Negative when writing our first album. They introduced us to the possibility of mixing doomy music with heavy music… you can hear it in that record.”

Reflecting on the timing of HIM’s assault on the U.S., Ville said “I think it is great now, what is going on with Evanescence, and on a smaller scale Lacuna Coil and The Gathering… the time is right for our kind of music.” The HIM crew look forward to touring the U.S. and playing to American audiences. “I can’t wait to get on the road,” says Ville “I have only seen New York, LA and Philadelphia (when HIM performed at Bam's cKy3 Release Party) and I look forward to seeing the rest of the country.”

Judging from the number of people who buy their albums on import and fly over to the UK and Europe to see the band play, it is plain to see that the U.S. is looking forward to seeing HIM

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